The Bhegumbata Subanen Enterprise Project is an entrepreneurial initiative of the Bhegumbata Subanen Network. The goal of the project is to promote economic empowerment and financial independence of Subanen youth all over Zamboanga Peninsula.

The Subanen Enterprise Business Model is anchored on the principles of sustainable development and self-reliance of indigenous youth. While many Subanen youth turn into out-of-school youth and take on cheap labor work in the cities, it is not impossible for us to pursue higher education despite poverty. One option is to develop our traditional arts and crafts into marketable products. Our income can help our members cope up with costs for schooling.

We have learned traditional craft through our Subanen School of Living Traditions. What we learn can help us produce products which are authentic and at the same time marketable.

Update: Through a small capital grant from Southeast Asian Institute- Institute of Subanen Studies, we have built our website and buy the raw materials for our initial products.

To expand our markets, we will train Subanen youth from all over the Zamboanga Peninsula to develop products and we will help them sell these to the market.

We hope we can go for mass production soon.