The Bhegumbata Subanen Network is an organization of young Subanen Indigenous community members from all over the Philippines. Founded in 2018 by Ms. Jenalyn Lequin, Tammy Faye Lundayan and Febralyn Lequin.

Our goal is to empower young Subanen tribal members to become the future leaders of our respective communities through leadership training, open collaboration and business enterprise development.

Hi, my name’s Jenalyn T. Lequin. I am a full-bloodied Subanen from Karpok, Lapuyan Zamboanga del Sur.

I was born in Karpok, Lapuyan. When I finished Junior High School, I had no knowledge about computers and the internet. I was a shy and reserved person. I received a special scholarship from Southeast Asian Institute and my perspective in life changed since then.

In 2018, I became the first Subanen recipient of a US-Exchange Program. Perhaps I am the first Subanen from our community to ever travel to United States of America, and for a leadership exchange program. I was a part of PYLP 16. thanks to PYLP, my outlook in life has changed dramatically.

I was a typical Subanen youth who finished Junior High School with no access to computer and our School has no electricity. My outlook was very limited. Everything changed with PYLP.

-Jenalyn T. Lequin, PYLP 16

Now, I wish to help my fellow Subanen youth become future leaders of our tribe. I believe that as young indigenous members, we must take the responsibility of defining our future. We must strive to preserve our culture- our language, arts , tradition, at the same time help pursue economic empowerment. We dream of a wonderful future of our Subanen tribe.

During the Mindanao Indigenous Youth Summit

I am Tammy Faye M. Lundayan, an honor student during our Junior High School and an Academic Scholar of Southeast Asian Institute- Pagadian City Campus. I was a finalist for the PYLP Program. Together with Ms. Jenalyn Lequin we built this network of young Subanens to realize our dream for our tribe and work together to achieve our common goals.

We hope that our Business Venture Project will help our community of young Subanens by being able to earn while pursuing studies. We also hope that the project will popularize our culture. This network will be our sea where we can swim with our plans and vision for our fellow Subanen youth.